Marieta Tedenac
As a designer she started working with glass and other transparent materials. This fact brought her to optics and related natural phenomenons that surround us. More than the material itself, she is interested in the often invisible processes that occur when the material interacts with its surroundings. She then seeks to draw attention to such processes and make them visible in her work. Marieta creates objects that contain elements of craft, science and technology. All of the works are hand-crafted in hotshops and small workshops in North Bohemia, which is one of the last regions in the world where the tradition of hand blowing and glass making of the highest quality is preserved since the Middle Ages and is newly part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2023. Marieta went through the design and fine art academic training. She received an MA in Glass from the Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague while studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague; completed a study internship in the Glass studio at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.
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