About us

We opened the Glassimo Gallery in 2015 in a newly renovated space in the historic centre of Prague. Our ambition was to create not only a selective shop, but also an exhibition space with the best that contemporary Czech glass has to offer. Czech glass is a phenomenon known both at home and abroad and behind every glass, vase or bowl there is an original story of its creation. That is why we connect with artists whose work continues to fascinate us even after all these years. We visit them in their studios or directly in their glassworks, we are interested in the technical specifics of their work, but also in the ideas they put into their works. From their products we then compose a unique offer in the gallery and on the e-shop. Our portfolio of more than a thousand works consists of vases, bowls, glasses and design objects from renowned glassmakers, including Bořek Šípek, František Halama or the BOMMA brand, but also from young artists such as David Valner, Mila Zila or Klimchi with artistic director František Jungvirt. Many of the works are originals made in a single copy. We also appreciate the long-standing collaboration with designers Kateřina Smolíková and Jiří Pačink, who create significant pieces for Glassimo that you will not find anywhere else. In addition to glass, we also offer a curated selection of unique porcelain products, for example by Daniel Piršč.

We are Katarína and Radek Zeman, art and design have been our passion for many years. We have developed an exceptional relationship with local glass thanks to close contact with its creators, and we try to pass on this unique experience through our selection in the Glassimo Gallery. Just as we rely on a personal approach to the authors, we also take care of our customers individually. That is why we also decided to establish the Glassimo Club for lovers of Czech glass. You can find everything from a water glass to art objects from the workshops of well-known and up-coming Czech designers. Together with our team, we would be happy to become your personal guides in the world of Czech glass and porcelain design. How will you expand your collection?