The LAOKON brand was co-founded in 2020 by MgA. Daniela Vrabcová Chodilová and Ing. David Sparrow. Daniela graduated from Prague's UMPRUM, majoring in glass under the guidance of prof. ak. soch. Rony Plesl. David is a graduate of ŠAVŠ, majoring in global business and law. During their studies, they went abroad, especially Great Britain, to gather work experience in their field and business. Together, they participate in building the brand and its expansion abroad. Since its inception, it has been producing premium contemporary designer glass and art. They combine conceptual design and art in cohesive collections in materials that know no boundaries. In their work you will find a significant playful collectible art design, but at the same time also glass utilitarian collections with a reference to traditional glass production and its craftsmanship. They also focus on sustainable design and reuse of materials. Their creation takes place in the heart of Europe. They work and are based in Prague and Nový Bor, where all products are manufactured. The desire to be different and create exceptional things inspires them to constantly create new forms of the art world.
Designer's products