Kateřina Smolíková
Glass designer and painter MgA. Kateřina Lubovská Smolíková. She studied at the Václav Hollar School of Graphics, painting at VOŠUP and then glass at UMPRUM under the guidance of Prof. Vladimír Kopecký and Rony Plesl. Thanks to this combination of previous education and leadership at the university, she looks at glass as a material in which she can project and evaluate all these things. She is mainly engaged in author's and custom-made glass production, as well as painting. She likes creating personal and original designs in which she projects and imprints something unique. She accompanies the work throughout its whole journey from the design creation to the realization of the final product. Currently, she creates under her own label Smolíková ART & DESIGN. In addition to the design of vases and objects, her portfolio includes a number of custom-made lamps and light features, her glass relief paintings are also specific. She is most often inspired by the shapes she finds in nature and in her garden.
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