Karolína Vorlíková
Karolína Vorlíková is a visual artist and designer who works with various technologies. Her most popular material is glass, through which she can express her own perception of the world around her and convey stories whose presence we often do not perceive. She studied graphic design, which is prescribed in her handwriting. She very often uses simple lines, symbols and graphic elements. Her work includes both pure design and conceptual works. He is currently studying the final year of MgA. at UMPRUM under the guidance of Rony Plesl and Klára Horáčková in the Glass studio. She has collaborated with several galleries, pop-up stores and bars. You could see her work at Designblok, Nika gallery, Artdistrict Vyšehrad, MATMOS, Pasáž českého designu, Katarze, Czech design week and many others. She is the proud owner of a Japanese Akita-inu Kira.
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