Jiří Pačinek
One of the most important contemporary artistic glassblowers not only in the Czech Republic, but at the international level as well, was born in 1972 in Litoměřice. After completing his studies at the Secondary School of Glass, he worked at important glassmaking addresses - in the legendary glassworks in Chřibská, where he began his career as a glassmaker, from where he went on to one of the world's most important art glassworks of his time, the AJETO LINDAVA glassworks, which he co-founded by together with the prominent artistic glassmaker Petr Novotný and world-renowned architect Bořek Šípek in the 1990s. His craftsmanship predestined him to create extremely voluminous and at the same time detailed objects. In 2007, he founded his own brand PAČINEK GLASS.
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