Crystal Creative
Crystal Creative studio was founded in 2018 by glass artist MgA. Filip Dobias (*1990) and sander master David Gábera (*1976). Their collaboration began long before during Filip's studies at Prague's UMPRUM, where he studied in the glass studio under the guidance of prof. ak. soch. Rony Plesl. All their artistic production is created in a small workshop in the east of the Czech Republic in the picturesque landscape of Wallachia, which used to be one of the renowned centers of glassmaking in Bohemia. They continue the long tradition of cut glass and aim to create unique works combining traditional craftsmanship with modern artistic expression. Their work is a constant battle with material, matter and thought. It is influenced by the effort to understand the long time series of the history of art but also of man. The search for harmony, ideal proportions, detail, beauty and ugliness. Timelessness, fragility of relationships and of the glass material itself, depth (mind, sea, space), inaccessibility, consciousness and unconsciousness - these are just some of the themes that are an inspiration for them in their work.
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