Salamander ashtray Salamander ashtray
8 000 Kč
Salamander ashtray

The Salamander ashtray is the most organic masterpiece from all the Czevitrum products. Its shape was inspired by the face of a salamander, and the outstanding design solution makes the Czevitrum Salamander one of the most original cigar ashtray on the market.Each piece is handblown without using any form that makes it unique and never completely the same. Unconventional design makes the Salamander not a common cigar accessory, but also a functional and decorative interior element.

The inner surface of the premium Salamander ashtrays are hand-painted with a special colour that contains 24 carat gold.

Czechvitrum, Objects

Product details

hand blown glass, cut, sanding height 12cm, dia 15cm

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