Etherea Etherea Etherea Etherea
25 000 Kč

Etherea Vases encapsulate a spectrum of colors within a mysteriously misty haze of crystal glass. The minimalist design allows each vase to focus on a single vibrant color, showcasing its purity as it interacts with light in a luminous whisper.
Crafted from sand blasted clear crystal glass, each vase features either a vivid cobalt blue, glowing red, or dark violet glass interior. When viewed from the outside, it creates the illusion of a levitating colorful shape, casting a captivating shadow in the depths below.

These vases unveil their beauty gradually, revealing intricate tones that shift with the play of light. The minimalist square shape serves as a canvas, enhancing the vibrancy of the internal color, creating an impression that transcends the ordinary.

Product details

Double-walled hand-blown glass 28 x 30 cm

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