Terms and conditions and complaints procedure

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Terms and conditions and complaints procedure
These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to purchases in the online store operated by GLASSIMO Praha s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"). The General Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between customer and seller in the field of selling glass and other related products.
By creating an order, the customer confirms that he has familiarized himself with these terms and conditions, of which the Complaints Rules form is an integral part, and that they agree with them. The customer is sufficiently notified before the actual execution of the order and has the opportunity to familiarise with them.

I. Basic provisions

The seller is GLASSIMO Praha s.r.o., with registered office at Soví 127, Zdiměřice 252 42, ID number: 01485415, VAT number: CZ01485415, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague under file C, insert 206230.

At the start of the business relationship, the Customer only provides the Seller with his contact information, necessary for smooth processing of the order, or the data that he wants to have on the purchase documents.
Legal relations between the Seller and the customer not expressly regulated by these General Terms and Conditions are governed by the relevant ones
the provisions of the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as well as related regulations, in particular Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection, all as amended.

II. Order Processing

1. Registration
The customer has the option to register first before placing an order, i.e. for subsequent orders they will not have to enter any personal data, but they will be filled in automatically. However, it is possible to
order goods even without registration.

2. Acceptance and processing of the order
After placing the order, the customer will be immediately sent an email confirming receipt of the order.
GLASSIMO Praha, s.r.o. does not guarantee that the ordered goods are available at the time of ordering.
If the customer finds any discrepancies in the order, it is necessary to contact the Seller as soon as possible
via email info@glassimo.eu or phone +420 702 181 804
The Seller will inform the customer about the progress of order processing by email (acceptance, processing, shipping).
Out-of-court handling of customer complaints is provided by the Seller through an electronic address
The Seller will send information about handling the customer's complaint to the customer's email address.

3. Withdrawal from the contract by the customer
The customer has the right in accordance with § 1829 et seq. civil code to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods, if the contract was concluded remotely outside the business premises of the Seller.
The customer can withdraw from the contract
to be sent in writing to the registered office no later than the last day of the period mentioned in the previously, or to the Seller's e-mail address, within the scope of the sample form, which is at the end of these terms and conditions.
The customer is obliged to return the goods without undue delay, at the latest within 14 days of withdrawal from the contract, with complete documentation, undamaged, in the same condition and value as the goods was accepted, to the address GLASSIMO Prague s.r.o. Elišky Krásnohorské 3, Prague 1, Czech Republic. In the case the returned goods are incomplete or damaged, the Seller can refund the purchase price reduced by the corresponding amount (in accordance with § 1833 of the Civil Code). Seller reserves the right to not accept returned shipments sent by the method cash on delivery. It is recommended to insure the shipment. The Seller will return the money for the returned goods to the customer without undue delay, at the latest within 14 days from the date on which notice of withdrawal has been given, but not before the goods have been returned; the money will be returned by the Seller by bank transfer or other pre-agreed method, all by mutual agreement between the customer and the Seller.
The customer can only be refunded the amount previously paid minus all costs that were created for the Seller by transport to the Customer's address and back. In case the Customer paid for these goods by card, the associated fees will be deducted from the above-mentioned refunded amount with payment by card.

4. Withdrawal from the contract by the Seller
The seller has the right to withdraw from the contract until the shipment is dispatched due to unavailability of
goods or significant changes in its price. In such a case, however, the Seller is obliged to contact the Customer to agree on the next step in solving the problem.

III. Goods price

The stated price of the goods includes VAT. The customer will receive the goods at the price valid at the time of ordering.
If the goods are not in stock, the order can be implemented after the mutual agreement of the customer with the Seller by phone +420 702 181 804 or by email: info@glassimo.eu, where the customer will be told the price and date of availability of goods.

IV. Delivery and payment conditions

The ordered goods will be sent via the carrier chosen by the customer to the specified name and customer address. If the goods are in stock, the Seller undertakes to ship them or hand over to the carrier within 6 working days of receiving the order. Exceptionally, it may happen that some goods cannot be sent within the specified period. In this case, the Seller will contact the customer with the earliest possible date.
Note: The customer can pick up the goods in person at the GLASSIMO sales gallery, at Elišky Krásnohorské 3,
Prague 1. The customer can pick up the goods only after receiving a confirmation email from the Seller
about receiving the goods at the store.

1. Methods of delivery of goods
The goods are delivered according to the method chosen by the customer in the online order, delivery methods are:
- personal collection in the Glassimo gallery
- delivery by Czech Post
Czech Post guarantees the delivery of the parcel on the next working day after submitting the parcel (valid for deliveries within CR only).
You can choose whether you want to deliver the package directly to your hands at a specific address or pick it up at a selected post office, where it suits you. On the day of submission of the shipment via Czech Post, you will receive an email from us with the shipment number and delivery information.
If the postman cannot reach you at the specified address, he will leave a request to pick up the package in your mailbox and the shipment will remain stored at your delivery post office. The request to pick up, which you will find in the mailbox, also contains contact information (address, phone number, opening hours) of the post office branch where your parcel is stored. Czech post also offers repeated delivery of the parcel by regular delivery on the day chosen by you.
Online tracking of Czech Post shipments.
Before receiving the goods from the Czech Post, always carefully check whether the packaging and the product are intact.
Do not take over the goods if the transport packaging is damaged! If the goods were damaged, even if the packaging was intact, it is necessary to inform Czech Post or our company about this fact as soon as possible. Czech Post is the best to be informed in person on the day of delivery of the parcel, at any post office branch. Before receiving the goods from Czech Post always check that the packaging and the products are intact. In case of damaged transport packaging or any discrepancies in the goods Do not accept the package.
We charge a flat price of CZK 199 for the transport of goods via the Czech Post, including packaging, transport, shipment insurance, or cash on delivery fee. When picking up goods in person, we do not charge any packaging fees nor any additional fee.
-delivery by carrier abroad (delivery times and prices vary depending on the country of delivery)
The company Spedia will safely pack the goods, handle customs formalities in the Czech Republic, insure the goods and send them by courier service
to the recipient's address. When ordering goods abroad, it is necessary to fill in the exact address (cannot be delivered to PO Box!), telephone and email address. The usual delivery time is 1-2 weeks. The price for shipping abroad is calculated automatically
after entering the address of the recipient, according to the country of delivery.

2. Methods of payment for goods
Before sending the binding order, the customer chooses a payment method:
- payment by VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express payment card (the most modern and
the most secure application 3DSecure, the customer enters payment card data directly to the bank, not e-shop operators)

- in cash or by card when collecting in person at the Glassimo sales gallery
Note: VAT is included in all orders within the European Union. Within countries outside
In the European Union, the seller refunds VAT, but the customer is responsible for all others fees, customs duties, taxes and local charges.

V. Warranty Terms

The warranty conditions for the goods are governed by the Seller's Complaints Procedure and valid legal regulations
Czech Republic. The purchase document (invoice) serves as a warranty card.

VI. Handmade products

Due to the manual nature of the production, slight deviations may occur in the products in dimensions, colors or strength of glass.

VII. Information security and protection

The seller declares that all personal data are confidential, they will be used only for fulfillment of the contract with the customer and will not otherwise be published, provided to a third party, etc.  with the exception of a situation related to the distribution or payment system to the ordered goods.
The personal data provided by the customer to the Seller for the purpose of fulfilling the order are
collected, processed and stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, as amended. The customer gives the Seller consent to the collection and processing of such personal data for the fulfillment purposes subjected to the concluded purchase contract, until the time of his written expression of disagreement with this
processing. The customer has the right to access his personal data and the right to correct it, including other legal rights to this data.

VIII. Final provisions

These General Terms and Conditions are valid from January 1, 2015 and include an appendix
"Sample withdrawal form (http://www.glassimo.eu)
Complaints Procedure.
The same conditions for application are provided in the Glassimo s.r.o. online store complaints, valid same as in the Glassimo sales gallery in the Czech Republic.
Complaints will be handled in accordance with the Seller's complaint procedure and applicable law
in the Czech Republic.


The complaints procedure specifies the procedure for the customer and the company Glassimo, s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller") in the event that despite all efforts of the Seller to maintain the highest quality of the goods and services offered a legitimate reason for a complaint arises on the part of the customer.

I. Basic conditions of the complaint

1. If there is a defect in the purchased goods, it is the Seller's interest to provide it to the customer
such services that this defect is eliminated in the shortest possible time or in compliance otherwise resolved with this complaint procedure.

2. A change (properties) of the goods that occurred during the claim period cannot be considered a defect
from liability for defects due to improper use or care.

3. The customer makes a claim directly at the Seller's headquarters.

4. The Seller decides wether to accept the complaint immediately.

5. The complaint, including the removal of the defect, must be processed no later than 30 days from the date making a claim, unless the Seller and the customer agree on another deadline.


6. The warranty period for goods sold in the Seller's online store is twenty-four months and starts running on the day the customer takes over the goods.

II. Deadlines for making a claim

1. Rights from liability for product defects for which the warranty period applies shall expire, if they were not applied during the warranty period.

2. The customer makes a claim without undue delay after discovering the defect.

3. If the customer's complaint has been resolved by repairing the goods, the warranty period is extended by a period from exercising the right to remove the defect until the customer has taken over the repaired goods.

4. If customer complaints were solved by replacing defective goods with new ones, starting from the day of receipt of new goods new warranty period.

III. Method of processing the complaint

If the product had a defect, the customer can claim
1. free defect removal,
2. delivery of a new item without defects, if this is not unreasonable due to the nature of the defect (related
if only a part of the thing is defective, the customer can request only the replacement of the part)
3. if it was not possible to deliver a new item without defects, the customer may withdraw from the contract
4. the customer did not withdraw from the contract or did not exercise the right to delivery of a new item without defects, to replace its component or to repair the item, may request a reasonable discount.

IV. Complaints when sending goods

1. All irregularities associated with sending goods abroad must be reported to the company
Spedia.sro, U Hellada 4, Prague 4,140 00, Czech Republic, phone no. 420234676189
For further communication use email: spedia@spedia.cz

2. All irregularities connected with the sending of goods in the country must be complained about via the Czech Post.
Product quality complaint

Customer procedure for product quality complaints:
1. send the claimed product or part thereof to the Seller without undue delay,
2. send a cover letter containing the following information or attachments together with the claimed goods:
state that it is a complaint about the quality of the product, for customs purposes state information about the price -
"free, no commercial value",
description of the claimed defect,
consignment identification number,
a photocopy of the Seller's invoice,
the customer's return address,
the customer's request for the method of settlement of the complaint
customer's original signature.
3. The seller informs the customer immediately after receiving the complaint and accompanying documents,
how and by when his complaint will be processed.
4. Non-delivery of the shipment due to an incorrect address given by the customer cannot be considered as a claim and the customer bears all costs associated with resending this shipment.

V. Prevention and Services

1. The basic condition for maintaining the functionality of the goods sold in the online store of the seller is a proper prevention, which starts with its selection, continues with its use and ends by proper care.
1. Treat purchased products by hand without using a dishwasher.
2. Protect the product from contact with hard and sharp objects.
3. Avoid scratching the product by careful handling.
4. Remove the manifestations of the natural oxidation process of gold and platinum by using polishing products.
5. The upper edge of the drinking glass is the most fragile, so it is recommended to avoid contact with each other
contact of products during their use and storage.
VI. Final Provisions
The complaints procedure becomes valid and effective in November 2015.

Katarína Zemanová
company manager



Annex to the business conditions of GLASSIMO Praha s.r.o


Sample withdrawal form.

Notice of withdrawal from the contract.


Addressee: GLASSIMO Praha s.r.o., Soví 127, Zdiměřice 252 42 (or email:

info@glassimo.eu )


I hereby announce that I withdraw from the contract for the purchase of these goods:


................................................... .................


Date of order : ............................................... ...

Date of Delivery : ............................................... ........

Name and surname of the customer: ..........................................



Date : ....................................



Customer's signature - only if this withdrawal form is sent in paper form.